This page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Right now I am focused on promoting a new cd, “Ten From Town” by The Old Yellers, a folk rock group I’ve been with since 2001. We’re quite happy with our work and are getting rave reviews!

I have begun working with Buddy Evans, an old school country singer and guitarist who used to work with Merle Haggard, managing his ranch in Redding, Ca and playing with The Strangers when they were off the road. Buddy is a recent transplant to Portland and has a HUGE repertoire! We are performing every First Friday at the Landmark Saloon, tightening our act and beginning work on original material.

I will also begin playing more shows with Jonathan Brinkley, in support of his new release “Unguarded Heart”.

I have a busy summer on tap, with performances at The Oregon Country Fair, The Northwest String Summit, The Tiny House Hotel, various special events and other fun gigs in the area. I look forward to annual excursions into the far reaches of southeast Oregon, and who knows, maybe even TTITD!

Looking ahead to the autumn and beyond, I’ll be in New Orleans in early October, possibly Hawaii in early December for some shows, and very possibly back to Ireland with The Old Yellers in mid spring of 2017.

Thanks for visiting my page!