The Old Yellers – Everly-tight harmonies in a folk rock setting with hints of Appalachia and grassa nova.

My main band. We’ve been playing together in various forms for 15 years, but the one constant is Michael Berly and myself, singing together. Guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and percussion.


Trashcan Joe – A marvelous quartet performing old prohibition era standards and originals easily mistaken for old standards. A preferred act for swing dancers.


Robin Jackson Band – Charming and seductive music that blends singer songwriter with Klezmer-esque showtunes flair.


The Highdrive Revival – Unapologetic groovy riif-rock. This is a super fun band that flat out rocks. Comprised of stage-worn veterans, we have a TON of friends that come out to every show and more or less drink the bar dry.


Buddy Evans and The Eastside 3 – Traditional Country and Swing music. Buddy is an ex Merle Haggard associate, containing in his head a vast songbook of classics, both known and forgotten, spanning the 40’s era to the 80’s. This is a relatively new act, with a solid rhythm section and a rotating cast of soloists plucked from Portland’s rich and deep pool of local talent. Always a great time to be had with this band, and always a new adventure when someone in the crowd calls out an obscure request or Buddy thinks of yet another song to pull out of his hat.

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Jonathan Brinkley – A golden voiced singer and fleet fingered acoustic guitar picker with an unguarded heart. This too is a new project for me. I recorded on his album a few years ago. Jonathan and his wife then had a baby. Fast forward to 2016, and we’ve put together an ensemble of drums, bass, electric guitar and fiddle in support of this new cd.