“Matty V is a consummate professional who is always one of my first calls for session work when I’m tracking in the Northwest. His positive attitude, musicality and natural intuition are always appreciated and he has delivered on dozens of recordings for me throughout the years.”
Producer/songwriter – Scott Fisher


My name is Matty V. I’m an electric and upright bassist in Portland, Oregon. With over 25 years of experience as both a live and session musician, I’m relaxed, supportive and creative in any setting. I also love to sing harmony with people! I can go low, I can stay in the middle, but I really like to go high, so if you need a tenor (or more) I’m your man.

I also like to write songs and produce music in the studio with other people. I have a ton of great ideas that just flow out of me at any and all times. Lyrics, hooks, melodies, song structures. My range includes rock, funk, old-school soul, country, swing, folkie, singer-songwriter, jam band, and probably just about anything else that comes up.

When not working in the studio, you can often find me at various gigs and parties, having fun onstage or singing and playing the guitar, uke, or whatever around the campfire and laughing with friends and framily, often into the wee hours before dawn.

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